I have been working with concept, layout, 3D, visualization, film and vfx for customers for more than 15 years. I have always been involved with Computers generally, with main interest in the C64’s and Amiga. Most of my work is possibly quite influenced by the demoscene era when making things like graphics, 3D, Film, vfx and music.

In early 2018 a small group of people (friends) sat down talking about starting a new company.
This led to the creation of a new company called Broomstick AS
 I'm currently investing all my time here.

In 2018, the adventure started, and we have already created live images for several startups, international companies, TV productions and some of the world's biggest brands.

With a mix of film and animation, we bring your ideas, concepts and products to life. We create compelling images and cinematic experiences. A unique expertise that offers many opportunities and few limitations.

At Broomstick, we love the creative processes and think differently to show customers from a new perspective. We push the creative potential within ourselves and the technology available to achieve very special films and images. Usually for customers, and sometimes for ourselves. Just because we think it's so much fun!

Some videos of my music can be found at youtube :


Old Days - Demo Scene





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